Saturday, 14 February 2015

Double Glazed Windows: Our 350th Anniversary … !!!

Well … !!!! ALMOST … !!!

In 2015 our supplier of  double glazed windows and French doors SAINT GOBAIN GLASS will be celebrating their 350th anniversary. The company was first created in 1665 under the name:

 "Manufacture Royale des glaces " 

by French king Louis XIV. For more information about the century long history of this company, follow the bellow link and learn more about the events scheduled over the course of 2015:

Says Pierre-AndrĂ© de Chalendar,  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SAINT GOBAIN:

"We are celebrating Saint-Gobain’s 350th anniversary. The history of the men and women who together have built the oldest company included in the CAC 40 French stock market index and one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the world. We have decided to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to promote our strategy, values and the bonds that link us to our stakeholders. In particular, this is an opportunity for us to remind our customers of our commitment to working at their side and at their service. Indeed, we have been fulfilling our customer-sensitive mission for more than 15 generations by finding solutions to the problems they encounter and by helping them build long-lasting successes.
This anniversary is an opportunity and an occasion to remind everyone of the strength that is acquired through 350 years of history and 350 years of ongoing innovations. Our experience means we understand and focus on the long term. It also gives us the composure and agility to adapt to the ever-changing world. Our history is proof that we are a company that has consistently pushed back boundaries and taken up technological challenges. As we look back over our past and examine today’s world and what we do, we are convinced that there are many reasons to believe in the future. So, it is with our sights set on the future and innovation that we are celebrating this anniversary. It is our optimism that we want to share with you in 2015."

Duchess of Berry visits the factory in 1822

At The Good House, we are proud of being part of a bit of this history by making our full range of Double Glazed windows and French doors. Come back to our website over the next few weeks and check our new pages dedicated to Aluminium, PVC and timber windows. Or simply give us a call and send a window schedule for pricing.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Barrel tiles: Our workmanship stands the test of time ...

Under the Tuscan sun... or the Australian skies ...?
Clients always want to know what their roof will look like in 10 years time.
     The answer is simple: 

Our roofs always look better and better with accumulated ageing patina .

     And if one needs to be convinced, have a look at this iconic French barn in Balnarring, Victoria, where we originally hand crafted the installation of heritage French barrel tiles, about ten years ago.

Simple, symmetric, splendid …!
We have recently returned to complete maintenance and restore the heritage ambiance towards our original installation works, but all we could do was to witness that time had once again done its magic, and will do so for more decades to come.
     See below and compare with a picture taken at the time of installation, 10 years ago !

Medieval interlocking barrel tiles installed in 2005