Sunday, 17 June 2018

French oak... Or nothing else!

If you wonder sometimes whether you should choose French oak or European oak, buying your parquet floor from The Good House makes little difference, because our European oak is sourced from Western European countries where oak supply is sustainably managed. This includes France of course, as well as Germany, Austria and Slovenia, countries where timber harvesting is compliant with PEFC (Pan European Forestry Council), the equivalent of the American FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
          However the definite advantage of Certified French Oak is with wider and thicker material, and our solid oak internal doors are the perfect illustration of this:

Our doors are designed and made by experienced French cabinet makers and joiners. They are traditionally constructed with mortice and tenon, and pin assembly, as per below detail. The bolection moulding also is a single double-sided piece of wood, 70mm thick.

Our French oak strip floor is 220mm wide, in random length up to 4800mm!

The Chantilly panels have been custom made to fit the first floor lobby !

These solid posts are 250 x 250 mm... and 4000 high for the rear of the stairs...!!!

In the rumpus room, the floorboards are only 180mm wide.