Sunday, 24 March 2019

Engineered Chevron Parquetry A sensible choice for extra-wide size.

          Trends come and go in the building industry, and parquetry is not immune to it. In recent years we've seen an increased demand for wider, longer parquetry boards, to the extent that 125 and 150mm wide products account for half of our current sales, be it in the Herringbone or Chevron type.

          This tasteful apartment in the heart of Melbourne CBD is clear evidence of this trend. The Good House supplied and installed 150 x 730 mm engineered chevron boards to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

          In such a situation, engineered French oak does not only appeal to the budget conscious, but also to those who expect their flooring to stay immaculate for years to come. Engineered products are extremely stable, they won't warp or shrink, and with a 4 or 6mm top layer of select grade French oak and hardwood backing ply, they will last for a lifetime.

          Still, at The Good House we mostly are a boutique business where no two jobs are the same, and be it engineered or solid, we keep custom delivering what our clients want.