Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A taste of Provence in Australia - Casa Valeri

Casa Valeri is one of Melbourne's best kept secret, only known by those who truly relish Mediterranean architecture and the style of Provence, South of France.

In 2006, Natalina VALERI, the owner, had a clear idea of what she wanted to build for her Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Warburton. Inspired by European background and culture, Natalina designed the property herself. She fell in love with Proven├žal style on her first trip to France and kept going back and forth to achieve her dream.

The Good House was a natural supplier since she wanted to source products from France. We helped her getting a wide range of decorative products to embellish her villa.

For that project we supplied:
- the Mediterranean terracotta roof tiles that we installed as well,
- European style casement windows,
- Traditional shutters,
- French Burgundy limestone fireplace,
- Cremone bolts,
- Flamed Anduze garden pots (weathered and glazed).

The result is stunning! As French natives, we are amazed by the work done and highly recommend French style lovers to spend a weekend and enjoy the lovely surroundings.

For more information, please visit Casa Valeri website: http://www.casavaleri.com

Thursday, 31 October 2013


Anduze pots are an ever-popular garden ornament in Australia. Too such extend as it has been widely reproduced, though never really catching the original look and durability of the genuine vases made in Anduze, South of France.

Flamed Weathered finish

At The Good House, we pride ourselves in bringing only the best France has to offer, and our Anduze vases are exactly that. 

With Spring (hopefully) now upon us, it is time to think about re-potting that kumquat or lavender bush to a more suitable, larger container. With their thick, hard terracotta walls, Anduze pots will keep your plants moist for longer, through the sun drenched days we will soon be in.

Flamed Weathered finish

And if you want to make sure your garden looks very much like a piece of Provence Down Under, talk to us. Well, I'd rather say listen to us, and you will very soon realise we are from there!!!

Green Glazed

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


River Pebbles can be found all around the world on a variety of colours and sizes. Landscapers and architects use them a lot as garden ornaments. But it is much less common to use them for driveways and paved areas because of their rounded shapes and very different sizes.
At The Good House we can now supply sliced or sawn pebbles that can be used as pavement for pool surrounds or driveways and still provide a rather smooth surface. They are selected from 5 different French rivers and come in separate or blended colours.
New sawing technology allows the manufacturer to cut raw material in 20mm slices, which simplifies the installation greatly.

The above picture shows the Montpellier Town Hall 10.000sqm front pavement, specified by world renown architect Jean NOUVEL (2008 Pritzker Price).
Among architects and interior designers, pebble is use to create a zen ambiance. This contemporary material can be installed to replace your bathroom tiles, to surround your swimming pool or simply on your driveway.  

Monday, 30 September 2013


The Good House is a boutique import company based in Melbourne, Australia and Montpellier, South of France, specialising in French building materials and decorative products for architectural projects with a French provincial flair or a Mediterranean influence.
our range of wares includes, but is not limited to:

  • Traditional stone fireplaces,
  • French oak strip floor, parquet and parquetry panels (solid and engineered),
  • French stones: limestone, granite, porphyry, pebbles...
  • Custom made internal doors and monumental entrance doors,
  • Double glazed casement windows
  • Traditional door and window hardware (cremone and espagnolette)
  • Anduze pots
  • Mediterranean roof tiles
Our intentions with this blog is to keep you updated on our last jobs, and give you some design idea for your home, in the process promoting genuine traditional French style.