Thursday, 23 January 2014

How to recreate a French Provençal style for your home?

"Fashion goes out of fashion. Style never does." This famous quote from Parisian icon, Coco Chanel, suits perfectly what Provençal style is to France. Even though we have seen change in aesthetic, ancient practices are still carried on. Especially when it comes to interior design.

The French Provençal style in interior design:

Sophisticated in its noble simplicity of line and colour it perfectly reflects French "Art de vivre".

French Provençal style traces it origins to between the fifteen and seventeen centuries. France at this time was already a country of contradictions, being very different from North to South. However, the common feature of all its regions was the passion for the simplicity of interiors. Which is still true for the Provençal style.

Proven çal style furniture is easily recognizable by its vegetal ornament, shaped table and chair legs.or, chair back molding. Traditionally, the main material used was timber being completed by other materials. For example, wrought iron gives a real chic accent to a Provençal house: bed heads, mirror frames or even chandeliers. The Provençal interior is based on the art of communicating lightness to heavy furniture.

This style continues to be widely replicated in contemporary interiors, with an emphasis on main rooms: kitchen, living room and bedrooms. It is a misconception to thinks that Provençal style is all high ceilings and large windows. A standard size room can recreate the spirit by adding white washed furniture.

A Provence living room is commonly composed of low and deep armchairs covered with colourful fabrics. A low coffee table made of timber (ready to share a bottle of wine and cheese), a dresser, centrally position, with weathered finish will complete the look.

You can accentuate this feeling by adding porcelain home ware, upholstered chairs and a massive oak table. Dinner is a special moment for the French, they spend a lot of time around the table discussing and sharing their day - and enjoying their food!

A bedroom in Provence has to be comfortable, ideal for quiet rest. Like any other room the furniture is timber with 3 mains pieces: bed, chest of drawers and vanity table. Linen curtains are used to reduce the light but not to obstruct it - this is the function of shutters. Finally, a carpet placed under the bed atop floorboards is the way "Provençaux" appreciate their interiors.

The kitchen is the masterpiece, naturally! A big cast iron oven with a stone hood will make a chef of any cook. Joinery is simple but yet practical - no glossy effect. For the floor, stone or tile pavement, the easiest way to keep the heart of your home clean. Don't forget to have your pans and saucepans hanging on the wall - et voila - you have made a home.

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