Thursday, 14 May 2015

The most beautiful door in Melbourne ?

                      If you ever wondered where is the most beautiful entrance door installed in Melbourne in recent years,  you might as well travel to Malvern. With so many leafy streets and hidden gems concealed within lush gardens, Malvern is a place of past and present wonders.

                    Our featured door is impressive in more ways than just the look.

  • Facing North, it was made out of European walnut, a species known for its resilience to sun exposure. 
  • Measuring 2.7m in height, and 1.8m in width, weighing approximately 400 kilos all together, this is not a flimsy door ! The frame is 54mm thick, and with the mouldings it goes up to 70mm !
  • It's all traditional workmanship, mortice and tenons assembled with pins.
  • It's fitted with a recessed, multipoint safety locking mechanism (top / middle / bottom) 
  • A full peripheral rubber seal ensures complete air and water tightness.

               I guess when the owner comes home after a tough business day, the silky touch of the walnut timber, the quiet thud of the heavy leaf closing, and the clear click of the brass locks, all contribute to  leaving the worries outside, and feeling the strong sense of well deserved ownership softly rushing in his veins.


          All our doors are custom made in France by renown French cabinet making and wood carving company Bruno BERTOLI - Follow this link to their website: