Saturday, 4 July 2015

Dormer windows a touch of style in French Provincial Design

          A French Provincial gem, located just off the Golden Mile, Mount Albert Road in Surrey Hill, and built by renown boutique artisan Chris Hardy ( recently sold at a significant price tag.
          This is what you can expect when you get it right from scratch, and at The Good House we've been promoting and supporting good design, complemented with the right choice of materials, for more than 16 years. If you are unsure where to start, feel free to seek advice for your next project, this is what our Consultancy Service is all about !
         This project features our dormer windows, a simple item that proves there is no need to spend big money to achieve balance and style, but a genuine product is the key. These dormer windows are the exact reproduction of a traditional French roof window, only a lot easier to install than the original ones that were made of cast iron !
          Also featured but somehow hidden in the greenery are our genuine Anduze garden vases, in their ever popular weathered finish.
          At The Good House we try hard to make your life easier !


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