Thursday, 28 April 2016

Double glazed windows: The French Farmhouse, Trentham

          There is no doubt most clients of The Good House are very special people. If anyone need be convinced, just follow this link to read the full story of the Trentham French Farmhouse,  a work of faith and passion, proudly achieved by Andrew and Narelle Glynn.

          For this project The Good House supplied the double glazed windows, custom made in France to perfectly match a symmetrical and simple design, a true sign of genuine French houses, particularly in the Southern half of France.

Yes ! This is in country Victoria ! (Did you notice the Eucalyptus foliage ?)

From inside the illusion is even more striking !
          For those more interested in the technical side of things, below are more photos at an early stage of the project. Installing double glazed windows goes hand in hand with very good thermal insulation, and there is no shortage of it at the French Farmhouse!
          The timber windows we supplied are fully painted (primer + 3 coat low sheen lacker) and they also come with handle and a fully recessed, multi-point locking mechanism, to guarantee full weatherproofing and security.  Cross bars can be exposed as pictured, or recessed within the thickness of the double glazing, in a bronze or silver, thinner look.
          For more installation details,  please call Bernard on 0408 90 40 10.

                         Or come and spend an unforgettable weekend at The French Farmhouse !

Note the thickness of the walls and insulation…

… and the standard handle and separable European hinges.


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